Anti-Fingerprint Nano Surface Coating (AFP)

Transparent coatings for wiping away fingerprints and stains on stainless steel 

In highly frequented ares where stainless steel is used for example as elevator panelling, hand rails etc., passer-by automatically leave their fingerprints behind.

The AFP for stainless steel surfaces reduces these unsightly trace. It makes easy to remove fingerprints and all kind of dirt and even graffiti, without any problems and without leaving any residues.

A specialized nanotechnological Laboratory has developed this process exclusively for The Royal Decor Steel , a nanotechnological nanocoberture that provides our stainless steel decorative sheets with excellent anti fingerprints properties, on non-colored & colored surfaces.

This coating layer is so thin as to be nearly invisible. The sheet will become slightly darker than a non-treated one. Nevertheless, sheet surface characteristics as regards optics and surface feel remain the same. The sheet becomes more resistant against fingerprints and stains of every kind, and can be cleaned easily and without remnants.

In addition to AFP advantages, this coating creates a barrier to prevent the intrusion of oxygen and moisture enhancing the materials anti-corrosion and anti-fingerprint abilities. With the application of Nano anti-fingerprint coating (AFP), the surface hardness of stainless steel is increased.

  • Ease of maintenance: Solves the problems of fingerprints on Stainless Steel; ease of maintenance can be accomplished with use of a clean cotton towel or cloth, and light detergent, such as Windex.
  • Increase surface hardness: Regular Stainless steel is rated 2-H to 3-H pencil hardness test. After the AFP treatment, the surface hardness is tripled to reach at least 6 H hardness, which decreases the chances of receiving surface scratches.
  • Anti-corrosion rating: Tested and proven by SGS (Salt Spray Test), up to 500 hours.
  • Anti-Chemical substances: There has been a noticeable improvement on decreasing the risk of corrosive chemical substances damaging the stainless steel.
  • Laser and high temperature cutting : Regular transparent coating on stainless steel cannot resist laser cutting and often times leaves obvious burn marks on the surface; however, after the application of Nano AFP treatment, laser burn marks are reduced.
  • Adhesion Test: passed 100% Cross-Cut Test after AFP treatment. The material can be bent or folded, and still retains the same physical properties of regular Stainless Steel.

Cleaning and Availability

The AFP treatment removes the rough areas by stripping off a surface layer measuring just a few micron. This procedure is gentle on the materials without causing any micro structural change. Surface roughness can be halved, crests and burrs are removed.It entails a minimum workload for basic cleaning and care. The surface can be easily cleand with all non-abrasive cleaning agents. Usually the wiping with clean and soft microfiber towel is sufficient.

Royal Decor offers AFP on colored and non colored stainless steel surfaces like brushed #4, Blend 'S' and embossed sheets upon request.